Flea Control

We recommend Advantage or Advantage Multi for flea control for dogs and cats.  Trifexis, which also controls heartworms in dogs  

These products are very safe and effective.  For allergic pets we will recommend using the Advantage every 1-2 weeks for 4 treatments to give the animal a “flea vacation”.  During that time, we have the pet on a combination of topical treatments including shampoos or cortisone sprays along with oral antibiotics/cortisone if needed.

If the pet is not so allergic and more shampooing is needed, we recommend shampooing and applying the Advantage on day 1.  In 2 weeks you may bathe again on day 14.  Two weeks later you may bathe again on day 28 and then reapply a dose of Advantage.  I this way you are only removing a small amount of flea control in the middle of the month.

Most pets do not need bathing every 2 weeks so these can have the advantage every 3-4 weeks with or without bathing.  The Advantage starts to wear off after 3 weeks so we have recommended this interval in some cases.

The areas where the pets spends most of the time such as bedding, lounging areas should be vacuumed once or twice weekly to remove the eggs and larva.

The Advantage Multi controls fleas, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and heartworms in dogs and cats.  It is presently the product I use because it offers so much control with just one topical product.