We have had quite a bit of experience withTrifexis, a flea and heartworm pill for dogs.  It is given once a month with a meal and kills fleas within 30 minutes.  It is especially good for flea allergy.  It has an intestinal dewormer and prevents heartworms.  It avoids the oil spot from topicals and allows the dog to have a bath as often as needed without losing flea control.  Call us for more details.

We now offer pet id cards which are good for showing vaccination status in case of evacuation, trips to the groomer, or just plain bragging about your pet.   They sell for $5 and also show any allergic  drug reactions.  We can take the picture or you can email us your favorite.

  We have been seeing an increase in deadly Parvo virus.   Some pets have been euthanized and others have been successfully treated at considerable expense.   Please make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations.


We are recommending heartworm prevention for cats as we are recognizing more of this untreatable disease in the feline population.

Advantage Multi is the product that we offer.  The Avantage Multi also prevents fleas, intestinal worms, and ear mites in cats.